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Death & brain death

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Clinical evaluation of consciousness

Self-consciousness & auto-referential stimuli

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Coma en bewustzijnstornissen



Koma, Hirntod un Wachcoma



The Neurology of Consciousness
Laureys S and Tononi G (Eds) Academic Press - Elsevier, 424 pages, hardback, October 2008
Get 15% discount (Enter the code NEUR8 ) --- Read preface --- table of contents --- see full cover

The Boundaries of Consciousness
Laureys S (Ed) Elsevier, 632 pages
Paperback, July 2006 ISBN: 0-444-52876-8
Hardback, August 2005 ISBN: 0-444-51851-7


Representative papers

Willful modulation of brain activity in disorders of consciousness
Monti MM & Vanhaudenhuyse A, Coleman MR, Boly M, Pickard JD, Tshibanda JF, Owen AM, Laureys S
New England Journal of Medicine
(2010) 362(7):579-89 - complimentary online material --- editorial commentary

Default network connectivity reflects the level of consciousness in non-communicative brain damaged patients
Vanhaudenhuyse A, Noirhomme Q, Tshibanda L, Bruno MA, Boveroux P,Schnakers S, Soddu A, Perlbarg V, Ledoux D,  Brichant JF, Moonen G, Maquet P, Greicius M, Laureys S, Boly M
Brain (2010) 133(Pt 1):161-71

Perception of pain in the minimally conscious state with PET activation: an observational study
Boly M, Faymonville ME, Schnakers C, Peigneux P, Lambermont B, Phillips C, Lancellotti P, Luxen A, Lamy M, Moonen G, Maquet P, Laureys S
Lancet Neurology, 7 (2008) 1013-1020

Baseline brain activity fluctuations predict somatosensory perception in humans - view PDF
Boly M, Balteau E, Schnakers C, Degueldre C, Moonen G, Luxen A, Phillips C, Peigneux P, Maquet P, Laureys S
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 104 (2007) 12187-92

Self-consciousness in non-communicative patients - view PDF - Commentary by Cole
Laureys S, Perrin F, Brédart S
Consciousness & Cognition, 16 (2007) 722-41

Detecting awareness in the vegetative state - view PDF - supplementary online material - view response to comments
Owen AM, Coleman MR, Boly M, Davis MH, Laureys S, Pickard J
Science 313 (2006) 1402

Death, unconsciousness and the brain - view PDF
Laureys S
Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 11 (2005) 899-909

The neural correlate of (un)awareness: lessons from the vegetative state - view PDF
Laureys S
Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 9 (2005) 556-559

The locked-in syndrome: what is it like to be conscious but paralyzed and voiceless - view PDF
Laureys S, Pellas F, Van Eeckhout P, Ghorbel S, Schnakers C,  Perrin F, Berré J, Faymonville ME, Pantke KH, Damas F, Lamy M, Moonen G, Goldman S
Progress in Brain Research, 150 (2005) 495-511

Brain function in coma, vegetative state, and related disorders - view PDF
Laureys S, Owen A, Schiff  N
Lancet Neurology 3 (2004) 537–46

Brain, conscious experience and the observing self - view PDF
Baars B, Ramsoy T, Laureys S
Trends in Neurosciences, 26 (2003) 671-675

Cortical processing of noxious somatosensory stimuli in the persistent vegetative state - view PDF
Laureys S, Faymonville ME, Peigneux P, Damas P, Lambermont B, Del Fiore G, Degueldre C, Aerts J, Luxen A, Franck G, Lamy M, Moonen G, Maquet P
Neuroimage, 17 (2002) 732-741

Restoration of thalamocortical connectivity after recovery from persistent vegetative state - view PDF
Laureys S, Faymonville ME, Luxen A, Lamy M, Franck G, Maquet P
Lancet 355 (2000) 1790-1791

Auditory processing in the vegetative state - view PDF
Laureys S, Faymonville ME, Degueldre C, Del Fiore G, Damas P, Lambermont B, Janssens N, Aerts J, Franck G, Luxen A, Moonen G, Lamy M, Maquet P
Brain 123 (2000) 1589-1601



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