Functional neuroimaging

Tracking Dynamic Interactions Between Structural and Functional Connectivity: A TMS/EEG-dMRI Study
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Brain plasticity after implanted peroneal nerve electrical stimulation to improve gait in chronic stroke patients: Two case reports.
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Prevalence of increases in functional connectivity in visual, somatosensory and language areas in congenital blindness
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Neuroimaging after coma
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Another kind of ‘BOLD Response’: answering multiple-choice questions via online decoded single-trial brain signals
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Reaching across the abyss: recent advances in functional magnetic resonance imaging and their potential relevance to disorders of consciousness
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How should functional imaging of patients with disorders of consciousness contribute to their clinical rehabilitation needs?
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Functional neuroimaging of auditory processing
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Brain imaging
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[F-18]p-MPPF: A radiolabeled antagonist for the study of 5-HT1A receptors with PET
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5-HT(1A) receptors visualization with [F-18]p-MPPF in healthy volunteers
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