FRANCAIS: Soins aux patients comateux


NEDERLANDS: Zorgnetwerk voor coma, vegetatieve en minimaal bewuste patienten

Coma Science Group

We aim to improve the medical care and understanding of disorders of consciousness following an acute injury such as coma, "vegetative"/unresponsive wakefulness, minimally conscious or locked-in syndromes.



Hospital address:

CHU Sart Tilman B35

Coma Science Group (Neurologie)

Avenue de l'hôpital 1

4000 Liège - Belgium

Lab address:

GIGA research B34

Coma Science Group (Pr Steven Laureys)

Avenue de l'hôpital 11

4000 Liège- Belgium

Tel: +32 4 242 52 52 (standard to make an appointment)
Fax: +32 4 366 84 49

 CHU Sart Tilman University Hospital

 GIGA research

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Retrouvez ici les liens des différents exposés lors de la visite de Monsieur Matthieu Ricard au CHU-ULG

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Recherchons patients avec mémoires de l'épisode de coma ou expérience proche de la mort - contact Vanessa Charland-Verville,


If you want to know more about what we are doing at the Coma Science Group, you may start by reading A Flicker of Consciousness - By Eben Harrell/Liege - TIME Magazine, Nov. 28, 2011, p42-47 or, in French, Conscience es-tu là, by Sandrine Cabut - Cahier du « Monde » Samedi 30 juin 2012.



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Contact us to join our lab as graduate student, PhD student (medical, bio-medical or psychological sciences), post-doc or resident in medicine! Our multi-disciplinary team is ready to help you in the field of neurosciences, psychology, medicine (neurology, radiology, anesthesiology, intensive care, neurosurgery, ENT, rehabilitation ...), biology, physiotherapy, speech therapy, engineering, physics, website or bioethics nand philosophy ... For a list of past master thesis and internship see our people page