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Aurore Thibaut

Aurore Thibaut

Aurore Thibaut, PhD, has a master in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (2010) and a master in Neuroscience (2011) at the University of Liege in Belgium.

She did her PhD at the Coma Science Group (Pr. S. Laureys, GIGA consciousness, University of Liege, Belgium) and has a FNRS post-doctoral position in the same lab.

Her research focuses on brain direct current stimulations in patients with disorders of consciousness trying to improve brain plasticity and facilitate the recovery of these patients.

She is also working on motor disorders and especially on spasticity in this population.

She is currently doing a postdoctoral fellowship with Pr. F. Fregni, Neuromodulation lab, Harvard Medical School, Boston. Her current research focuses on new non-invasive brain stimulation techniques to improve cortical activity and brain function.

Find here the list of her scientific papers (PubMed) and pdfs on our website.