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Charlotte Martial

Charlotte Martial

Charlotte Martial, neuropsychologist, is part of the Coma Science Group working in GIGA Consciousness and the Neurology department of the University Hospital Center of Liège (Belgium). She obtained her BSc. and Master in Psychology at University of Liège. She is now a PhD student in Biomedical sciences at the University of Liege.

She is investigating the characterization and the neural correlates of “Near-Death Experiences” and their memories.

Her other interests reside in investigating the neural correlates of altered and modified states of consciousness (mainly using MRI and EEG neuroimaging technique).

Next to her neuroscientific interest, she is also involved in the clinical management of patients suffering from disorders of consciousness (i.e., vegetative/unresponsive state and minimally conscious state).

Find here the list of her scientific papers (PubMed) and pdfs on our website.