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Nicolas Lejeune

Nicolas Lejeune

Nicolas Lejeune, MD, graduated as Medical Doctor from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) in 2010 and certified as a neurologist in 2015.

He is in charge, as a clinician, of the disorder of consciousness care unit of the Centre Hospitalier Neurologique William Lennox, which is a national expertise centre for the rehabilitation of these patients. He is a PhD fellow (FNRS grant as Specialist Doctoral Researcher) at the Coma Science Group – GIGA Consciousness (ULg) as well as in the Cognition & System Dpt. at the Institute of Neurosciences (IoNS) at UCL, headed respectively by Prof. S. Laureys and Prof. A. Mouraux.

His research thesis is focused on the study of the ability to perceive pain of patients with a disorder of consciousness (DOC) by different non-invasive means, mainly based on behavioural assessment and surface electroencephalographic recordings.

These investigations should also be of interest to develop a novel approach to study the relationship between pain perception and consciousness. He is also interested in ethical issues and different clinical topics such as epilepsy management and transcranial electric stimulation for DOC patients.

Find here the list of his scientific papers (PubMed) and pdfs on our website.