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Stephen Larroque

Stephen Larroque

Stephen Larroque, computational neuroscientist with a background of theoretical computer science, is a PhD student of the Coma Science Group, GIGA consciousness.

He obtained his BSc. in Theoretical Computer Science and MSc. in Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning at the University Pierre-And-Marie-Curie (Paris 6, France) and his MSc. in Neurobiology at the University Descartes (Paris 7). His PhD is conducted under a grant (ASP) from the Belgian National Funds for Scientific Research (F.R.S. - F.N.R.S.).

He studies the connectivity changes in wide heterogenous populations of various altered states of consciousness, from acute and chronic patients with disorders of consciousness to anesthesized subjects and sleeping subjects. In order to model and understand the connectivity changes in these populations pertaining to consciousness, he uses data-driven machine learning approaches applied on big data combining functional resting state magnetic resonance imaging (rs-fMRI) and high density electroencephalography (hdEEG) images.

He is also very engaged in opensource culture for science, and is actively contributing to several neuroscience tools.

Find here his list of scientific papers and presentations (ResearchGate) and opensource softwares and pipelines for neuroscience (github).