About the activities and purpose of COMA SCIENCE GROUP

The Coma Science Group aims to increase public and healthcare awareness for disorders of consciousness, it attemps to:

• Address questions from family and patients confronted with severe brain damage following an acute insult, offering a lay language forum in French and Flemish and link to patient-help sites
• Address questions from healthcare workers confronted with coma, vegetative state (VS), minimally conscious state (MCS) or locked-in syndrome (LIS) offering access to (in Flemish, French and English):

Videos on differential diagnosis and evaluation of VS/MCS

Post-coma behavioral assessment scales and manuals

Medical, ethical and legal guidelines, reports and consensus papers

• Address to scientists the current state-of-the-art in the neuroscientific search for the neural correlates of human consciousness, link to scientific papers and the applicability of recent scientific means to increase our care for coma survivors (English and partly Flemish, French)